Where it all began,

In 1981, Mike Arnow founded an accounting firm that provided fee-only financial planning services.

With the objective of developing a succession plan, Mike merged his firm with an accounting firm in Menomonee Falls that was also committed to providing the same kind of fee-only planning services. With this venture, in 2006 SJA Financial Advisory LLC (SJAFA) was launched and a succession plan spanning four decades of planning expertise was realized.

Over the next nearly 10 years, SJAFA continued to grow. Key employees of SJAFA decided it was time to take the financial planning practice independent to ensure continuity for its clients and avoid being swept up in the accounting firm merger mania. In 2016, SJAFA separated from the accounting firm and became a 100% employee-owned company. SJAFA later relocated their office to a more central location in Wauwatosa, WI. 

Our future

In 2022, we aligned our firm name with what we do and who we are. Broadview Financial Management reflects our core philosophy that truly meaningful financial planning services should be comprehensive and broad in scope; hence, we take a broad view. We take a holistic approach to our practice.

Before we prepare a financial plan or manage a client’s assets, we need to fully understand goals, resources, preferences, risks (and much more). We remain committed to a personalized client-centered planning approach that is unique to a 100% employee-owned company.