What our partnership looks like

Our Process


The planning process begins with a discussion to identify your financial goals and objectives so we can determine together how best we can be of service.

Gather & Analyze

From there, we gather relevant financial and personal data, including tax returns, investment statements, net worth and expenses. After a thorough review of your information, we prepare a personalized written plan summarizing our conclusions and recommendations. 


With a detailed plan in hand, your next step is to implement our recommendations. If you need help, we're here.


Once you have a financial plan, you may decide you have what you need to navigate your financial future. However, you may decide to return for periodic reviews. How and when you engage us is up to you.


Personal Financial Planning (Hourly) 

Personal Financial Planning (Hourly) 

The cost for personal financial planning services varies, depending on your specific needs.

While most consultations result in a comprehensive financial plan,  occasionally, engagements have a narrower focus.

Fees are based on the time spent discussing your financial circumstances, researching and analyzing the issues, and the development of the recommendations in the final written plan. 

Our fee is $400 per hour, and most plans range from $3,000 - $6,000. However, consultations with a more narrow focus will generally cost less.  

Active Portfolio Management (Percentage of assets) 

Active Portfolio Management (Percentage of assets) 

The cost for active portfolio management services depends on the size of your portfolio. Fees are less than 1% and include the cost of ongoing financial planning.

Details can be found in our Firm Brochure located at the bottom of this page.